WHO selects ‘Senior Friendly Communities’ project as a best practice example for Europe

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is so impressed by ‘Senior Friendly Communities’ that it has labelled the cross-border project for seniors in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine as a “Best Practice” for Europe. In this project, 9 Euroregional partners and 31 municipalities in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine work together on a senior friendly environment and society. The project’s goal is to have senior citizens, suffering from dementia or old age depression, take part in normal social life as long as possible. What is unique is the fact that concrete activities are shared across borders in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands and the partners learn from the experiences and knowledge in other countries.
Researchers from the Alzheimer Centrum Limburg (MHeNs) are working on this project of which Maastricht University is the lead partner.
More info: https://www.euprevent.eu/seniorvriendelijke-gemeenten-voorbeeld-voor-europa/ (text available in Dutch, English, French and German).