Two Monthly MHeNs Translational Neuroscience Lecture

First lecture:
Dr. Thomas Lancaster, Cardiff university, Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC)
Title: “The striatum & psychopathology; imaging risk and resilience”

Monday March 5th, 2018 from 4 PM until 5 PM.
At 5 PM Closing drink - Bandidos
Location: Jo Ritzenzaal (room S0.007), Oxfordlaan 55, Maastricht

The ventral striatum (VS) is a nexus for reward-based and motivated behavior. Genetic studies demonstrate that VS structure and function is heritable. Neuroimaging studies show that the VS (and associated behaviours) is altered in heritable, psychopathological traits. Individual variation in genetics may provide a mechanistic link between the VS and a broad range of traits such as psychosis, affective disorders and addictive behaviours. I aim to identify the molecular aetiology that confers risk (or provides protection) for disorders characterised by deficits in reward processing. Understanding the biological bases for reward circuitry will help to inform treatment strategies for many psychiatric symptoms where decision-making is impaired.

Participation is free, but please note that registration is obligatory. Due to limited places (70) early registration is recommended.

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