Three prestigious NWO grants for MHeNs researchers

The grant enables them to develop their own innovative line of research and set up their own research group in the coming five years.
Five other promising young researchers have received a Veni grant worth up to 250,000 euros. The grant provides these laureates with the opportunity to further elaborate their own ideas during a period of three years.

Vidi grant for Dr. Ali Jahanshahianvar
Non-invasive brain modulation using nanoparticles
Neuromodulation is emerging as a promising tool to treat brain disorders, but present techniques are limited by lack of spatial targeting, invasive procedures, and patient discomfort. As a result, many patients do not benefit from it. Using nanotechnology Dr. Ali Jahanshahianvar will develop a technique that allows non-invasive and precise neuromodulation. Back in 2015 Dr. Jahanshahianvar already received a Veni grant.


Veni grant for Dr. Mor Dickman
Light for sight. Towards a novel therapy for myopia
Near-sightedness (myopia) can lead to blindness and is becoming more common. There are few options to save vision. Dr. Dickman will develop a new strategy called scleral crosslinking to restore strength to the part of the eye weakened by the disease and to slow or stop the progression to blindness.


Veni grant for Dr. Willemijn Jansen
Resilience as protection from Alzheimer’s disease
We urgently need effective treatment for Alzheimer’s dementia. Remarkably, some persons are protected from developing Alzheimer’s dementia, even though they have Alzheimer’s disease pathology in their brains. Dr. Jansen will study proteins in liquor to investigate the reason behind this resilience in order to find clues for new Alzheimer treatment.