Supporting Staff

Managing Director  
Tom van den Crommenacker +31.43.3884106
Executive secretary to Professor Linden
Office Manager School for Mental Health and Neuroscience
Secretary Center for Integrative Neuroscience (CIN)
Marie-Thérèse Moers +31.43.3881021
PhD Coordinator  
Dr. Martin van Boxtel +31.43.3881028/-1041
Policy Officer / EURON Coordinator  
Dr. Nicole Senden +31.43.3884130
Administrative Office  
Financial/Administrative Officer  
Ankie Hochstenbach +31.43.3884107
Administrative Officer Assistant  
Marco van Hertrooy +31.43.3884105
Financial Consultants  
Kirsten Pluijmakers +31.43.3882955
Financial Consultants  
Danny Lanckohr +31.43.3884102
Sjoerd Kusters +31.43.3882955
Lab Coordinator  
Hellen Steinbusch +31.43.3881037
Legal contact person joint doctorates FHML  
Monique Latour +31.43.3884130
Communication Officer  
Peggy Bisschoff +31.43.3884130
Secretary Office
School for Mental Health and Neuroscience /
EURON secretary
Damaris Kentgens +31.43.3883546
Secretary Division Cognitive Neuropsychiatry    
and Clinical Neuroscience
Danielle Moens +31.43.3881041
Secretary to Prof F. Verhey  
Els Ketelslegers +31.43.3874175
Secretary Division Mental Health  
Ine Schaapkens +31.43.3883509
Trees Soute +31.43.3883928
Jolanda Koch +31.43.3883511
Secretary to Prof T. van Amelsvoort  
Ine Schaapkens +31.43.3883509
Secretary Division Translational Neuroscience  
Rachelle Capponi +31.43.3881348