Summer Course Mood

30 June – 5 July 2019
Villa Finaly, Florence

The Summer Course on Mood, Aggression & Attraction will take place from  30 June – 5 July 2019 in Villa Finaly, Florence.

The Summer Course on Mood aims at an in-depth analysis of the latest developments in the field of depressive and bipolar pathology, including phenomena that are related to Mood such as aggression and addictions. It is aimed at young scientists and clinicians with a background in psychology, medicine, neuroscience, behavioural sciences, or a related discipline, who want to enhance their expertise in affective disorders..

Special Lectures
In addition to the introductory lectures the course includes guest Lectures to broaden the horizon of our students beyond our regular teaching programme.

For now we are very happy to welcome the following lecturers to this year’s course (the other lectures and all respective abstracts will follow shortly):
Neurofeedback for self-regulation of emotion and motivation networks – applications in depression and addiction - D. Linden (Maastricht University)
rTMS in addiction - C. Baeken (Ghent University)

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