Summer Course on Fear, Anxiety, Obsessions & Trauma

July 1-6, 2018
Florence, Italy

The summer course is an ideal opportunity for clinicians, both psychologists and medical doctors, to update their knowledge and expertise on the fundamentals of affective disorders. For pre-clinical researchers, the course offers the oppertunity to study the mechanisms of these prevalent and invalidating disorders from the point of view of clinical researchers.

The Summer Course is part of the International Master in Affective Neuroscience, but can be taken as stand-alone course; The Master is a challenging post-graduate program that offers a specialization in affective disorders with an emphasis on scientific research, taught by leading scientists in the field. The Master in Affective Neuroscience is a joint MSc degree from the Universities of Maastricht and Florence. The Master and Summer School students take the summer course together, mixing students from many different backgrounds and nationalities to make it an enriching experience.

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