Research Translational Neuroscience

The mission of the Division Translational Neuroscience is to uncover the underlying mechanisms of neurodegenerative and regenerative processes to improve health and to provide solutions to cure neurologic and psychiatric disease. More specifically:

  • To gain insight into the molecular and cellular mechanisms in disease areas including Dementia, Depression, Psychosis, Post-Traumatic Stress disorder, Movement Disorders, Pain, Opthalmological, Hearing and Neuro-urogenital disorders and also into the mechanisms underlying Resilience to severe adversities during life.
  • To translate the acquired basic knowledge into clinical applications, that is to develop diagnostic (e.g. imaging) and therapeutic (e.g. deep brain stimulation) tools in the selected disease areas.


The researchgroups of our division Translational Neuroscience presented below all work on their own research area but results and techniques are translated in a broader perspective.


Signal Transduction

Protein Quality Control

Neuroinflammation & Autoimmunity

Neonatology & Developmental Neuroscience

Department of Neurosurgery

Chronic Pain

Functional NeuroUrology


Immuno-Therapy and Diagnosis of Nervous System Diseases