Jos (J.H.H.J.) Prickaerts

Phone: +31 43 388 1168
Room: 1.124



I am a neuropsychopharmacologist and received my PhD degree on Memory Formation, Neurodegeneration and Drugs at the Department of Psychiatry and Neuropsychology at Maastricht University. Thereafter I worked as a post doc in multidisciplinary teams at both Maastricht University and pharmaceutical industry (e.g. Johnson and Johnson PRD, Belgium).

NeuropsychopPharmacology, translational research, Cognition, Neurodegeneration, Brain Plasticity, Phosphodiesterases, Alzheimer’s disease

After returning to Maastricht University, I started my research line focusing on signal transduction and plasticity. In particular the role of phosphodiesterases (PDEs) and growth factors in this respect is being studied. My major aim is to unravel the mechanism of action of signaling pathways both in health and disease (mainly Alzheimer’s disease and depression), while at the same time exploring the therapeutic potential of key players in the affected signaling pathways. Research involves working with animal models and tests in a translational context up to testing drugs in clinical trials. There is also a substantial collaboration with pharmaceutical companies to develop and test new cognition enhancers. Besides research I am involved in teaching activities on biological and pharmacological topics related to psychological and psychiatric processes.


MHeNs (Full professor)
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