Jindra (J.M.) Bakker

Birthdate: 17-02-1987
Room: SN.2.062


Personal statement:

I am currently a PhD student on the SMARTSCAN project. This is a large-scale RCT being conducted at division 2 of MHeNS. We include people with sub-clinical depressive/psychotic symptoms. After an extensive baseline measurement involving interviews, questionnaires, ESM and fMRI, subjects receive an Acceptance and Commitment Training which teaches them how to relate to their symptoms. We think that this training will help to prevent symptoms from becoming worse and/or chronic. We investigate this with a post-measurement involving again interviews, questionnaires, ESM and fMRI, and a couple of long-term follow-up measurements. Within this project I focus on people with sub-clinical depressive symptoms to investigate how brain reward processing (as measured with an fMRI probabilistic reinforcement learning task) relates to reward processing in daily life (as measured with ESM). 


Bachelor in Psychology, Maastricht University (2008-2011)
Research Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience, Psychopathology track, Maastricht University (2011-2013)
PhD at MHeNS, division 2 (2013-2017)

SMARTSCAN, sub-clinical symptoms, depression, reward processing, fMRI, ESM

fMRI analyses using SPM
ESM analyses using STATA



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Working days:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday