PhD Coordinator

Short introduction video for PhD students MHeNS at Maastricht University.

PhD coordinator: Martin van Boxtel, PhD; Department Psychiatry & Neuropsychology.

Location: Dr. Tanslaan 12 on Mon/Tue/Wed (morning)/Thu, Room 3.G3.063, tel. 043 3881028/-1041.
Location Universiteitssingel 40 on Wed (afternoon), Room 2.561, tel. 043 3881022.

The PhD coordinator's role is to facilitate communication between promovendi and the MHeNS Board, to monitor and work to improve course offerings, and to provide confidential support and guidance.

Human Resources consultant: Monique Spaen, Peter Debyelaan 15, room: 2.N2.016, tel. 043 38 72884.