PhD Ceremonies October

1 October to 1 November 2017

October 4, 2017         
14.00 hrs.





PhD Ceremony Charlotte L. Mentzel
Promotores: Prof.dr. P.N. van Harten; Prof.dr. M.A.J. de Koning-
Tijssen, UMCG; Co-promotor: Dr. P.R. Bakker
Title: "The course recognition and treatment of movement
disorders in severe mental illness”  

October 20, 2017         
14.00 hrs.





PhD Ceremony Tim Batink
Promotores: Prof.dr. F.P.M.L. Peeters; Prof.dr. J.J. van Os;
Prof.dr. M.C. Wichers, UMC Groningen
Titel: “Third Wave Behaviour Therapy: Process Measures and Contextual Interventions”


October 26, 2017         
14.00 hrs.




PhD Ceremony
Kevin L.J. Rademarkers
Promotores: Prof.dr. G.A. van  Koeveringe;
Prof.dr. Ph.E.V. van Kerrebroeck; co-promotor: Dr. M. Oelke, D.
Titel: “Detrusor Underactivity: From Theory To Clinical Assessment”