PhD Ceremonies April

1 April 2018 to 1 May 2018


April 6, 2018
14.00 hrs.

PhD Ceremony Nynke J. van den Hoogen
Promotores: Prof.dr. E.A.J. Joosten; Prof.dr. D. Tibboel, Erasmus MC-Sophia, Rotterdam.
Co-promotor: Dr. J. Patijn.
Title: ‘Repetitive painful procedures in the neonate:Treatment and adult pain sensitivity’.

April 12, 2018                  
14.00 hrs.

PhD Ceremony Carlota Mestres Gonzalvo
Promotores: Prof.dr. F.R.J. Verhey; Prof.dr. P.H.M. van der Kuy, Erasmus MC Rotterdam.
Co-promotor: Dr. R. Janknegt, Zuyderland MC.
Title: ‘Medication optimisation; Methodological aspects and new strategies’.

April 20, 2018
10.00 hrs.

PhD Ceremony Carolin Hoffmann
Promotores: Prof.dr. P. Martinez; Prof.dr. B. Rutten; Prof.dr. J. van Os, UU/UM.
Title: ‘The Brain under Attack: Autoantibodies in Psychotic Disorders’