New Mood revival Meeting: Innovative aspects of serotonin and depression in neurodegeneration and neurodegenerative diseases

February 8 and 9, 2018, Maastricht University
Venue: Greepzaal, AZM 4th floor

On behalf of Professor Steinbusch, we would like to invite you to attend our NewMood revival Meeting, Depression in the heart of neurodegenerative diseases.
NewMood brought together 13 clinical and basic science groups in 10 EU countries to address the major unmet need of improving the understanding of depression, the drug treatment of which remains only partially effective and reliant on neurochemical actions discovered 50 years ago. Using a highly translational animal–human approach, the strategy has been to identify new depressive endophenotypes at the cognitive–behavioural, neural systems and molecular level that are the shared outcome of various interacting environmental and genetic risk mechanisms, in order to identify new candidate biomarkers of illness and targets for treatment. the NewMood Consortium has resulted in not only new insights into depression but also in a wealth of collaborations between the centres involved which will continue beyond the completion of the project. It was genuinely harmonious and has been a testament to the added value of European Union-wide collaboration; it has produced over 80 PhDs and 400 publications and further insights will continue to emerge. In the revival meeting we will look back what has been achieved in the period after 2011 with new data and initiatives from all participating partners.


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