Nervous System neuroinflammation and autoimmunity

Dr. P. Martinez

Research Staff:   
Prof. M. De Baets
Prof. W. Buurman
Dr. M. Losen
Dr. P. Molenaar
Prof. J. van Os
Prof. B. Rutten

G. Bode MSc.
C. Hoffmann MSc.

Focus of research:   
Understanding neuroinflammation in neurodegenerative diseases and nervous system autoimmunity

Our team is studying neuroimmunological mechanisms activating the innate and adaptive immune response in the peripheral and central nervous system (CNS), with focus on antibody mediated autoimmune diseases. We are working with a broad range of diseases, including myasthenia gravis, Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia.

Specially, we study the role of lipids and their transporters in the early inflammatory process. Additionally, we investigate the function/dysfunction of danger signal molecules e.g., Serum amyloid P component and the ceramide transporter during neurodegeneration.

Finally, we are working on the development of relevant experimental CNS autoimmune models of mental illness.