MHeNS organisation

MHeNs has organised its research into three research divisions: (1) Cognitive Neuropsychiatry & Clinical Neuroscience, (2) Mental Health, and (3) Translational Neuroscience. The School is managed by the scientific director, who carries the final responsibility for the overall School policy, and the managing director, who is responsible for the accounting within the school and heads up the MHeNs management office.

Within MHeNs, there are three consultative bodies:
The ‘Management Team’ consists of 5 members: the scientific director, the managing director and the three division leaders. The Management Team discusses ongoing issues within the School and the divisions. The Platform has an advisory role and gathers every six weeks.
The ‘School Council’, consists of the directors, division leaders and heads of departments (core- and non-core departments). The School Council meets twice a year, and is mainly informative in nature.
In addition, the School has an ‘Educational Committee’, consisting of three staff members representing the three divisions, the PhD coordinator, and the EURON coordinator. The committee meets once every three months.