Mental Health

Division Leader is Prof. Therese van Amelsvoort



Ine Schaapkens +31.43.3883509
Trees Soute +31.43.3883928
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Vijverdalseweg 1
6226 NB Maastricht

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Dept. of Psychiatry and Neuropsychology
Maastricht University
PO Box 616 (location VIJV)
6200 MD Maastricht (NL)

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The Division of Mental Health works with patients to develop more accurate models of mental ill-health, with a focus on idiographic transdiagnostic representations of psychopathology  that vary as a function of environmental exposures and gene-environment interplay, using a range of genetically sensitive designs. We have a particular interest in continua of psychopathology and subthreshold expression of psychopathology, represented as symptoms, symptom dimensions or symptom networks, in general population cohort studies. 

Novel experimental medicine paradigms are developed to study mechanisms mediating aetiology and treatment using a range of outcome measures including intensive time series of momentary mental states; neuroimaging and EEG experiments of reward, fear, negative affect or aberrant salience; and subthreshold psychopathology states in the general population.

We are in the process of introducing novel transdiagnostic mHealth treatment modules based on momentary assessment technology that in randomized controlled trials have shown efficacy as psychopharmacology add-on self-management tool, shared decision making tool, self-monitoring tool and diagnostic tool, particularly at the level of idiographic ‘precision’ diagnosis in psychiatry. 

In the User Research Centre, the focus is on patient-led research on reframing negative concepts and language in psychiatry, and reducing negative expectations associated with mental ill-health. Web-based reframing and self-regulation tools are developed and disseminated in close collaboration with stakeholders.

In order to achieve our goals of best research for best health we seek to enhance the opportunities for research offered by the South Limburg Mental Health Research and Teaching Network (SEARCH). This network of excellence for patient care is the largest single provider of mental health services in the South of the Netherlands and offers major opportunities for research relevant to mental health care. We are using the resources of Maastricht University Medical Centre to support infrastructure necessary for research, to enhance research training opportunities and to increase capacity for research and to fund new research activities that support our aims.

Organisation of Mental Health
Mental Health is arranged around themes of research – three disorder themes and three cross-cutting themes:

Disorder themes:

  • Psychosis
  • Depression
  • Anxiety


Cross-cutting themes:

  • Experimental Medicine
  • mHealth/eHealth and Mental Health Service Innovation
  • User Research Centre

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