Maastricht & Memory Symposium

22nd May 2018
Jo Ritzen Auditorium, Oxfordlaan 55, Maastricht


13:00 hrs         

Arjan Blokland

13:15 hrs Neuronal session
Jos Prickaerts: Stimulating alpha7 nicotinic receptors for cognition enhancement: agonists or antagonists?
Sarah Hesham: Deep brain stimulation to restore memory loss in experimental dementia.
14:00 hrs Brain
Vincent van de Ven: Memory in temporal context.
Marc Roberts: Attention and leaning in visual cortex.
14:45 hrs Psychopharmacology
Arjan Blokland: Pharmacological models of memory impairment.
Nadia Hutten: A single dose of cocaine enhances prospective memory performance.
15:15 hrs --- BREAK ---
15:45 hrs Applied
Henri Otgaar: Memory Wars 2.0: how myths on memory dominate the legal arena.
Jane Wang: The Belief Effect.
16:30 hrs Clinical
Pieter Jelle Visser: AD biomarkers and memory in non-demented individuals.
Kay Deckers: MijnBreincoach: A public health awareness campaign to promote a brain-healthy lifestyle.
17:15 hrs Closing