Dr. Olaf Schijns chair of EANS

Per August 1st 2020, neurosurgeon dr. Olaf Schijns from the Maastricht UMC+ and staff member of the MHeNS research school takes office as chairman a.i. of the section Functional Neurosurgery at  the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS), the European association with about 6.000 neurosurgeon–members from all over Europe.  In first instance as chairman ad interim, after which the official appointment will take place in October 2020 during the annual general meeting (AGM).

Functional neurosurgery involves the surgical intervention in structures of the central and peripheral nervous sytem (brain/spinal cord/peripheral nerves) with the aim to take influence on the function. Examples of these surgical interventions are removal of epileptogenic parts of the brain to cure chronic epilepsy or deep brain stimulation in patients with movement disorders (Parkinson’s disease).

Schijns, with one of his main focus areas being epilepsy surgery, is honoured with his recent appointment: ”Cooperation with European colleagues to ameliorate clinical healthcare and bring innovational research across Europe is the motto. For this reason, we strive as much as possible to develop and share new techniques and knowledge and try to bring the European training of future neurosurgeons in this field to the highest possible level. Of course it is a great honour to be able to give direction to this project also on behalf of the Maastricht UMC+.”