Course Program 2015

9th MHeNs Translational Neuroscience Workshop
When the brain is under attack: Auto-antibodies and neurotransmitters as key player in neurological and psychiatric diseases
April 15th, 2015
Maastricht University, The Netherlands

MHeNs Course Human Neuroanatomy to Psychopathology
April 20 -23, 2015
Maastricht University
Macroanatomy of the Human Brain: dissection; Microscopy brain structures human, mice and rat; lectures on neurodevelopment., cerebrovasculature, aging and pathology, cognition.

Summer Course on Mood Disorders
28 June - 3 July 2015
Villa Finaly, Florence (Italy)
The Summer Course on Mood aims at an in-depth analysis of the latest developments in the field of depressive and bipolar pathology, including phenomena that are related to mood such as aggression and addiction.
The course is open to psychiatrists and psychologists, holders of an MSc degree in behavioural or related sciences, or an MD degree. The course can be taken as a 'stand alone' course or as part of the Master in Affective Neuroscience. For more information and applications, visit our website.
Early applications: 15 April 2015 / Final applications deadline: 15 May 2015 /

ESM Data Analysis Course
September 9 –11, 2015
The purpose of this course is to describe how intensive longitudinal data can be analyzed with appropriate mixed-effects models. After a brief introduction to ESM (and related methods) and the data structures that arise from studies using such data collection techniques, we will examine models that can account for the multilevel/hierarchical structure of the data (i.e., repeated observations nested within individuals). This includes models with random intercepts, models with random intercepts and slopes, and models allowing for remaining correlation in the residuals (serial/autocorrelation). Models with more than two levels (e.g., repeated observations nested within days, which in turn are nested within individuals) will also be covered.

MHeNs Scientific Research Day
October 6th, 2015
Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt, Maastricht, The Netherlands

ESM Course Opening the black box of daily life
Experience Sampling Method in Psychopathology
October 22-23, 2015
This 2day course aims to give you a full overview of all aspects related to the use of the Experience Sampling Method in psychopathology: background, techniques, questionnaires, statistics and implementation of your study.