Course “Software/Tools for Scientific Computing and Research”

Nov 15th, Nov 29th, and Dec 13th (from 16:00-18:00), 2017 ; more dates in Jan – Feb – March 2018
Maastricht University

Scientific Computing and Research @ UM Club (SCRUM Club):  a club for people interested in exploring and learning about software and tools for scientific computing and research. A good example of such a tool is R (, a free and open-source software environment for statistical computing and graphics. Many other topics will be covered (e.g., version control via Git/GitHub; tools and websites for open science and reproducible research; other software and programming languages for scientific computing, such as Python, Julia, and Octave; free and open-source SPSS-like alternative stats packages, such as JASP, jamovi, and PSPP; presentation software/tools that are alternatives to PowerPoint; project/file organization; reference managers/tools; the use of social media for communicating about science/stats/academia/research; etc.).

The club is open to students at all levels, post-docs, staff, faculty members, researchers, and essentially anybody interested in learning more about these topics. More information about the club, schedule, and potential topics (suggestions welcome!) can be found on the following website: