11th MHeNs Translational Neuroscience Workshop "Studying Experience and Behaviour in Neuroscience: Methods and Challenges

January 9th, 2017
Maastricht University, The Netherlands

In this workshop, the Faculty, consisting of clinical professors of Psychiatry and Psychology in Division 2 (Mental Health) of the School for Mental Health and Neuroscience, and working at the interface of science and mental distress, will present the challenges facing translational neuroscience in bridging the gap between molecules and experience.  

The translational leap from neuron to mental symptom represents the fundamental frontier; progress in this area is crucial but faces numerous difficulties that in recent years have come more to the fore in the scientific and societal debate. Attending this course is essential for translational neuroscientists wishing to understand the scope, problems and challenges of their work. 


Chairmen / Moderators: Jim van Os, Gunter Kenis, Uli Reininghaus

8.45  -  9.00   Registration/ coffee
9.00  -  9.45   General Introduction: How does the brain relate to experience? - Jim van Os
9.45  -  10.45   Psychosis – Jim van Os
10.45  -  11.00   Break
11.00  -  12.00   Mood-depression – Frenk Peeters
12.00  -  12.45   Lunch
12.45  -  13.45   Mood-Anxiety – Koen Schruers & Daniël van den Hove 
13.45  -  14.45   Why does everything start in adolescence? - Therese van Amelsvoort
14.45  -  15.00   Break
15.00  -  16.00   Cognitive mechanisms - Philippe Delespaul
16.00  -  16.15  Wrap up workshop
16.15 -  17.00  Get together: drinks at the bar

Each block in II-VI is a combination of a lecture and a mini-workshop - total 1 hour.
Participation in this workshop will count for 0.5 ECTS for the MHeNs and EURON certificate.