MHeNs School for Mental Health and Neuroscience

The principal focus of the School for Mental Health and Neuroscience, abbreviated as (‘MHeNs’) is to conduct high-impact translational neuroscience research on neurological and psychiatric illness as well as mental health, and to provide state-of-the-art education to Master and PhD students. To this end, MHeNs brings together basic and clinical neuroscience domains in translational focus areas and expert groups. This enables maximum synergy between research groups across its current three divisions, optimizing the use of available expertise, and forging alignment of animal models and human research projects.

Bart P.F. Rutten, MD PhD, has been installed as Professor in Neuroscience of Mental Illness, and will hold his inaugural lecture titled: “Neuroscience of mental illness: the outside in and the inside out” on November 17th 2017.

Sandra Schipper and Mark van den Hurk - School for Mental Health and Neuroscience, who both took their PhD in December 2016, received a Rubicon grant from research financing institution NWO.

Save the date!
On November 29th our 10th Annual Research Day will take place in Hotel van der Valk, Maastricht.

Fondation Jean-Marie Delwart
Symposium 2017

Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms Underlying Mood:
From Well Being to Disorders
Brussels (Waterloo), October 27-29 2017


DNA of soldiers with PTSD offers less protection against trauma

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Professor Van Oostenbrugge volgt in deze functie de heer prof. dr. Jim van Os op, die per 1 juni jongstleden een functie elders aanvaard heeft.

Robert van Oostenbrugge is sinds 2009 hoofd van de afdeling Neurologie. Verder geeft hij leiding aan het Academisch Centrum Epileptologie, waarin het MUMC+ en het epilepsiecentrum Kempenhaeghe te Heeze zeer nauw samenwerken.


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