MHeNs School for Mental Health and Neuroscience

The principal focus of the School for Mental Health and Neuroscience, abbreviated as (‘MHeNs’) is to conduct high-impact translational neuroscience research on neurological and psychiatric illness as well as mental health, and to provide state-of-the-art education to Master and PhD students. To this end, MHeNs brings together basic and clinical neuroscience domains in translational focus areas and expert groups. This enables maximum synergy between research groups across its current three divisions, optimizing the use of available expertise, and forging alignment of animal models and human research projects.


Following the latest measures that are taken to limit the spread of COVID-19, members of the MHeNs School Office are working at home. Every member of the office can be reached by email. We can be reached centrally by phone: 043-3881021.

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Annual Report 2018

The MHeNs Annual Report 2018 is now ready for browsing and download. We have again provided an overview of the research programmes within the three divisions and selected some highlights of our research and outreach activities and of the MHeNs educational programme. We hope that you will enjoy reading about our innovative translational research in neurological and sensory disorders and in mental health.


‘Naar de psychiater gaan is niet cool’
Geestelijke gezondheidszorg @ease is een laagdempelig ‘inloophuis’ voor jongeren. Geen receptie of intakeformulieren, wel zitzakken en muurschilderingen.

Een mooie reportage van Anne-Martijn van der Kaaden in het NRC, lees het hier.